Creation Research Unplugged – Lockdown Series

When the COVID-19 lockdown hit the UK in March 2020, Creation Research was in the middle of a worldwide ministry trip. The global pandemic and immediate lockdown put a complete and instant end to all their plans, and landed Indiana Joe Hubbard back in the UK, with no normal ministry potential. After an emergency meeting with the rest of Creation Research around the globe, it was decided that a new media project was needed. This very quickly led to the early concept of Creation Research Unplugged, which came to fruition just two weeks later.

Filming started during the first and strongest lockdown in the UK, where leaving your house for anything other than essential work or daily exercise was illegal. There was a lack of equipment, lack of filming and studio space, and the office’s editing computer constantly crashing. Despite the challenges, the first series came together by the grace of God – and full of excellent material. The series had a covid-typical ‘thrown-together’ feel about it, but the series improved greatly with easing lockdown and the the addition of new equipment, made possible by the generous donations of supporters.

Watch the Latest Episode!

Join Indiana Joe & friends for the series finale, as they explore the red rocks of Nesscliffe, special fungi, who Jesus is, ancient archaeology, and even the strange case of Jekyll & Hyde…

Episode 10

Episode 9

From special trees that show the wonder of God’s creation, to ancient civilisations and a dinosaur special – all things this week’s Creation Research Unplugged explores!

Episode 8

This week’s episode is an archaeology special! Looking at Biblical archaeology – what it means, and how we can study it. From tools to pots to peas!

Episode 7

Ever wondered what Creation Research does behind the scenes? Find out in this week’s episode, as we prepare fossils, answer questions, and look at literature!

Episode 6

What’s in a Word? Biblical Archaeology? Creation Research 101? How do trees show God’s glory? All this and more in this week’s Creation Research Unplugged!

Episode 5

Want to find out more about Creation Research’s Museum project, and discover some fascinating fossils and artifacts? Well then – good news! We’re doing that today!

Episode 4

Indy Joe’s doing some gardening in this episode – and cabbages have a real connection to the Bible! From fossils to farming – all in this week’s episode!

Episode 3

Another great episode this week, as we look at an unusual Creation Moment, find out about birthday’s and the Bible, and continue our fossil investigation with 101!

Episode 2

Jesus Christ – Creator, Saviour & Sustainer. That’s the theme of this week, as we introduce some new clips – including a fascinating look at literature: What’s in a Word?

Episode 1

Our first episode – filmed in the garden, but still full of excellent content! From bluebells to fossils to archaeology and home-schooling, a great first episode!

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