Creation Research Unplugged – Series 2

As the UK slowly started to come out of lockdown, the decision was made to stop the Lockdown Series at ten episodes. The success of the series was clear from the number of views, comments and encouragement, and there had been many requests for a second series. So almost straight away, Creation Research began discussing the production of a new series, this time being better-prepared, with more technology, lockdown freedom, and more presenters and experts.

The first series of Creation Research Unplugged is currently being re-broadcast on the Genesis Science Network – a 24/7 broadcasting channel by David Rives Ministries. Once this is finished, we will be looking to start broadcasting the new series, both on Creation Research LIVE, as well as other mediums. We are currently in progress producing the series, which will feature some of the same clips as the last series, but brings together new experts, presenters and content, all put together in easy-to-understand 30 minute episodes.

Creation Research Unplugged Series 2

Coming Soon

Watch this space to find out more…