Darwin Trilogy Pack Stream

Darwin on the Rocks : Darwin’s Evolution : Time’s Up Darwin!

Enjoy all three brilliant on-location documentaries from Creation Research – one of our most popular bundles! Discover the anti-Biblical foundations of evolution and the geological evidence against millions of years in ‘Darwin on the Rocks’. Real change without any evolution is documented in ‘Darwin’s Evolution’ – proving that all living things reproduce after their own kind. And marvel at the important conclusion that ‘Time’s Up Darwin’ brings – Time destroys, but intelligence creates!

Total Running time: Approx. 175 minutes

Please Note: This page allows access to the video streams a total of 4 times per purchase This is to mirror the standard four-part TV viewing format. Darwin on the Rocks contains parts 1 & 2, Darwin’s Evolution & Times up Darwin contain parts 3 & 4. Do not leave or close this page if you have not finished watching the entire part.

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