Dinosaurs DownUnder – Part #2

A Fascinating 3-Part Series on Dinosaurs with John Mackay & David Rives

Part #2 – The Flood

Years ago the skeptics decided that the best way to undermine Christianity in kids eyes was via dinosaurs. In one fell swoop they could belittle God and undermine His word without even appearing to attack the Bible. Now you can fight back and enjoy it.

Everyone in the family will love these DVDs as they watch and listen to the Creation Guy John Mackay, a world expert on creation and the flood, and see the amazing evidence he and his team have literally dug up the downunder from Australia to Alaska and back. John takes you down under to his homeland of Australia and around the globe in a fabulous 3 part series exposing the evolutionists’ lies and glorifying God and he even shows you how we know many of them drowned. Featuring also up and coming USA TV creation youth presenter David Rives in a great team expose of the fallacies of evolution and the truth of Creation and the flood in the rocks and the biggest fossils of all time…the monsters God made ..the dinosaurs.

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Running Time: Approx. 35 minutes.