Dinosaurs – The Rest of the Tail!

Listen to What the Bible Teaches Us About the Mightiest Creatures Ever Created By God!

Dinosaurs? The Bible? Learn the Truth!

Filmed on location around the world. Listen to what the Bible teaches us about the mightiest creatures ever created by God.

A 30 minute documentary filmed around the world to help young people know dinosaurs are the work of God’s hand. Watch them climb on Noah’s Ark. (Suits 7 years +).

What did Adam say to the Allosaurus in the Garden of Eden?
When did dinosaurs sleep on Noah’s Ark?
What did Noah feed Triceratops?
Who saw a living Noasauraus
Where might the last Australian dinosaur live today?
How did Hadrosaurs become extinct?
These and many more exciting questions answered.

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Running Time: Approx. 30 minutes.