Full-Length Lectures

Full-length lectures, presented by Creation Research’s speakers and presenters from around the globe. Includes conference lectures, TV interviews and both Science and Bible talks.

How to Recognise a Flood Deposit

In this presentation by ‘Indiana’ Joe Hubbard, given as part of the ‘Contending for Creation’ conference, hosted by Answers in Genesis UK/Europe, we look at research from all over the globe – evidence that proves the Bible can be trusted from the very beginning!

The Day the World Washed Away

Presented by John Mackay and Joseph Hubbard – the evidence of Noah’s flood found around the globe in the rocks and fossils. Great research, great evidence that not only the Bible’s account of the global flood is true, but that you can trust the whole Bible from the very beginning.

Authority – the Bible vs Science

A fascinating study presented by Graham French on the differences in authority with regards to the Bible and Science. Recorded at the Time and Creation Conference 2003 Sydney, NSW, Australia

Live@9 – Revelation TV

Live9 is a popular TV Talk show broadcast across the UK on Genesis Revelation TV and this episode features the Creation Guy John Mackay being interviewed by Leon Martin at the start of a recent UK tour.

John Mackay & Ken Ham

GROUND BREAKING, REVEALING, FASCINATING, CHALLENGING are the words which best describe the new DVD, filmed at the Creation Museum in Kentucky featuring John Mackay and Ken Ham as they show and discuss “The Museum, The Ark, The Evidence, The Results, The Opposition, The Victories, The Blessings, The Future.”

Eden to Australia

Filmed live at the Creation Conference in Brisbane Australia. Featuring Dr Diane Eager

The Background of Genesis

Starting from the importance of “In the beginning God created” Genesis 1:1, you can join John Mackay as he persuades you to use the brain that you were created with to help you understand creation and how that gives you the ability to understand and know Jesus.

Worship the Creator

Many Christian Churches sell Jesus short when they meet to worship and praise him as Saviour and even as Lord, but few praise Him for all He is worth ..as Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer, Lord and God. This challenging Bible Study/sermon is about doing just that, as Bible teacher John Mackay aims hard at fast at Gods people being faithful in Worshiping the One who is truly worthy.

When Snakes had Legs

Marvellous evidence that the Bible is true from the very beginning.

Revelation TV Live QnA

Featuring John Mackay in a live QnA session broadcast on Revelation TV in the UK.

The Search for the Origin of Life 1

Presented to High-School and First Year Uni students. Defending creation and exposing the fallacies of evolution. Part 1 of 2.

The Search for the Origin of Life 2

Presented to High-School and First Year Uni students. Defending creation and exposing the fallacies of evolution. Part 1 of 2.

The Decreasing Speed of Light

In 1982 we published Barry Setterfield’s controversial theory that light was slowing down therefore rocks are much younger and creation is valid. Physic leaders such as Professor Davies mocked. Twenty years later the world began to catch up.

Creation, Yes – But What’s the Evidence?

Filmed live at the Creation Conference, Australia.