Full-Length Webinars

Full-length lectures, presented by Creation Research’s speakers and presenters from around the globe. Includes conference lectures, TV interviews and both Science and Bible talks.

How to Recognise a Flood Deposit

In this presentation by ‘Indiana’ Joe Hubbard, given as part of the virtual ‘Contending for Creation’ conference, hosted by Answers in Genesis UK/Europe, we look at research from all over the globe – evidence that proves the Bible can be trusted from the very beginning!

One Blood – Many Races Webinar

A live webinar broadcast in the wake of the George Floyd-triggered Black Lives Matter protests and riots. A Biblical, scientific and historical look into the history of race. Are there many races, or only one? Is race a purely political concept, or is there any science behind it? What is a Biblical perspective?

Christ the Creating King of Christmas

The finale of the 2020 Christ the Creation King of Christmas Conference features John Mackay, Dr Diane Eager and Joseph Hubbard in a live broadcast webinar, dealing with Christmas stars, the miracle of birth and the historical accuracy of the New testament.

Babel & Chinese Language

A fascinating look into the authority of the Bible, linking it to the history of mankind, the ancient cultures and languages of China and the full history of mankind.