Live Conference Recordings

Creation Research Conferences Live recordings from around the world.

The Everlasting Gospel Part 1

Is the Bible’s creation account important for the Christian gospel? John Mackay explains the link.

The Everlasting Gospel Part 3

Christ as the Creator – it’s all about who Jesus is! Presented by John Mackay – Director of Creation Research

The Everlasting Gospel Part 2

Jesus from Genesis to Revelation – Christ the Creating King. Presented by John Mackay.

Environmentalism & the Bible

Environmentalism and the Bible – what is a Biblical perspective, and how can we honour the Creation? Presented by Craig Hawkins

Created for a Good World

Diane Eager from Creation Research shows how animals designed for a good world, can survive in a now cursed world.

Evolution Defying Flying Insects

Flying insects and their created wonder – presented by Professor Andy McIntosh.

Out of Adam

The real racial history of man – Dr Diane Eager

Creatures of the Sea

Learn about the amazing design of a Sea Horse. With Craig Hawkins

From Nice to Nasty

The real history of bad things – presented by John Mackay

Bombardier Beetle’s Amazing Design

Amazing evidence of design in God’s Creation. Presented live by Professor Andy McIntosh.

Mysteries of Ancient Art

Incredible evidence from the ancient world – Presented by chief Creation Research artist Steve Cardino.

Into Africa – True History of Man

The real history of man, based on the Bible and real recorded events in history. Where does the evidence lie? Presented by Dr John Osgood.