Recognising Creation Part #2

3-Part Series of 40 years worth of research about design and Creation

Presented by John Mackay

New exciting debate winning things God has taught us on how anyone can recognise God’s creation! Vital for homeschool, public school, and uni students, as well as church youth groups.

The New Testament is emphatic anyone can recognise the creation, but what chemical formulas, algorithm, or equations could you use to show life hasn’t evolved and indeed was created? Fascinating for home and classroom use.

On planet earth you only get the answers to the questions that you ask and if you’re trained to ask the wrong questions, don’t expect the right answers. Sadly much of modern education is sadly aimed to stop you asking the right questions. Learn how to deal with this subtle satanic side-track with the Creation Guy, John Mackay. Based on 40 years’ experience debating well-qualified anti-Christian atheists and evolutionists.

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Running Time: Approx. 40 minutes.