The Rocks Cry Out

The Rocks Cry Out is a UK-based project, designed to create a network of field guides and on-location documentaries for UK geology. The FREE video documentaries work alongside the field guide books, so you can visit the location yourself and see the geology from a Biblical perspective. Even if you can’t visit yourself – the books and videos work together as a virtual field trip. Watch the video, buy the book, and learn the truth!

Charmouth & Black Ven

Travel Back with Indiana Joe to the Victorian times, and explore the Realm of the Sea Dragons! Learn about the true story of Famed fossil hunter, Mary Anning, and discover the incredible rocks and fossils buried within the dark cliffs of Black Ven!

Hunstanton Cliffs

Join Indiana Joe on an visit to Old Hunstanton in Norfolk, UK, and discover the true history of the geology and fossils that lie there! Learn what is found at Hunstanton, how the rocks really formed, and what we can learn from the many wonderful fossils found there as well!

Abereiddy Bay

Join Indiana Joe as he explores Abereiddy Bay, Pembrokeshire, Wales! Learn about the case of the missing time, the amazing fossil graptolites, and the real truth of the rocks! Explore the abandoned village and the stunning scenery of South Wales!

Valley of Lime

Join Indiana Joe and explore the incredible lime formation found at Harpur Hill, near Buxton, Derbyshire. Dig for fossils, see real-time deposition, and discover the research that’s been done there, as well as participating in your own! Great research that confirms the Bible!