Here, you can find common issues and solutions while you are streaming with Creation Research LIVE

  • ‘I’ve just paid for my videos – how do I stream them?’ Your streaming links will be sent to you in an automated email – using the address you used to purchase with.
  • ‘I haven’t received an email with my streaming links’ The software sends an automated email to the address that you used at the checkout. In most cases, this is within minutes of purchasing, but please allow at least 30 minutes for it to come through. If you have not received it, check you spam folder, as it occasionally get sent there. If you still have issues, contact us.
  • ‘When I click on my streaming links, there’s no video’ In the vast majority of our videos, the stream link is available to use one-time only. If you have already clicked on the link to ‘check out’ the video before you watch it, and then closed the tab – you will no longer have access to the video to watch. Please contact us to discuss further.
  • ‘My payment won’t go through’ Our current software uses PayPal – a universal and easy-to-use payment system. You don’t need to have an account with them to pay either. If the payment won’t go through, there is either an issue with your card, account or the software. If this happens, please contact us to discuss other ways of taking the payment.
  • ‘Can I pay for my videos using my PayPal account’ Our current software uses PayPal to take payments – so this is very easy if you have a PayPal account. However, please be aware that your streaming links will be sent to the email address associated with your PayPal account, unless you change this during the checkout.
  • ‘My video keeps stalling and takes ages to load’ Some of our videos have been filmed in Ultra HD or even 4K. In these cases, they require a certain amount of internet bandwidth to stream smoothly. If you do not have the required bandwidth, simply select the settings on the video, click on ‘quality’ and choose a lower resolution, for instance, 720p or 360p.
  • ‘Can I download the videos to my phone or laptop?’ No – Creation Research LIVE was designed to provide an easy and effective streaming service, with no downloads necessary. This is because many people do not want large MP4 file downloads clogging up their device’s storage space. At this present time, there are some MP4’s available to download from Creation Research Australia’s Shop at a higher price.
  • ‘I paid for my videos, but the link doesn’t work’ Your streaming links are live for 2 weeks from the purchase date. If you have not watched the video before the end of the two weeks, the links will simply expire. For further information or to discuss, please contact us.